The Influence Agenda

A Systematic Approach to Aligning Stakeholders for Driving Change

Mike Clayton

“This book is sure to expand the way you think about aligning and engaging your stakeholders. It should become the go-to source of knowledge for a 360-degree view on how to develop or improve your approach.”

CEO, Purple Works Strategy, Communication and Coaching Consultancy

The Influence Agenda - by Mike ClaytonA highly practical roadmap for driving and implementing change, this book demonstrates how to properly influence, engage, and enlist the support of your key stakeholders.

Organizations need to be able to change and adapt to stay competitive, but this cannot be achieved without the support of stakeholders. Written by an expert trainer, The Influence Agenda sets out a systematic way to understand who you need to influence, how to evaluate the priority you give to each person, what tactics will work the best, and how
to plan and execute your strategy. It provides powerful tools and processes which use the psychology of influence and grounds them in experience of managing projects and change.

The Influence Agenda is out now.
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“Mike has provided a comprehensive guide to stakeholder management that should help elevate the status of stakeholder management to the same level as risk management in the mind of a Project or Change Manager. The Influence Agenda has loads of helpful tools and techniques to use – giving you no more excuses for not being able to do stakeholder engagement well.”

Partner, Atos Consulting

A Conversation with Mike Clayton Read an interview that I did for my publisher: Palgrave Macmillan about The Influence Agenda.