A Charter for Ethical Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Analysis Templates

  1. Love-Hate Analysis
  2. Stakeholder Benefits Matrix
  3. Stakeholder Interests Map
  4. Salience Map

Stakeholder Planning Templates

  1. Basic Communications Plan
  2. Basic Stakeholder Communication Plan
  3. Communications Approach grid
  4. Impression Plan
  5. Message Calendar
  6. Progression Plan – Change Programme
  7. Progression Plan – Project Stages
  8. Single-Stakeholder Communications Plan
  9. Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  10. Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Planner

Call Handling Templates

  1. Call Log
  2. Call Record Sheet
  3. Calls to make
  4. Inbound Call Sheet


See The Influence Agenda playlist on my YouTube Channel.

Initial videos:


Blogs on the Association for Project Management (APM) website:

  1. The mother of all stakeholders – about the biggest stakeholder of all

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